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This is one of the best ways to make your brokerage services more accessible to any client looking to invest in Invest or any other financial market, not just traders.

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How does the solution work?

  • The solution technology uses a manager protocol to connect the PAMM service and the platform.
  • PAMM managers (traders) open their accounts on the platform, and followers (investors) open accounts and subscribe to the managers whose strategies they find attractive.
  • Followers can access all data on managers’ trading performance and select a manager based on a set of indicators.
  • All PNL is automatically shared between the PAMM manager and its followers.

Escoin Investment helps you build trusted relationships with investors.  You get tools for maximum transparency – the investor always knows the status of his funds and can contact you if he wants to change his investment.

The platform frees you from routine reports, saving time for more meaningful things. Any trader in any country can log in every minute via PC or a mobile device to check the current situation. You choose the parameters that your customers can monitor.

All parameters are displayed in graphical form

You can prove the efficiency of funds even to those who do not want to get involved in financial markets. All data are available in the form of clear diagrams. No special knowledge is required to understand and grasp how investments work.

Real-time data

Investors do not have to wait for reports produced by third parties – they can access the data themselves whenever they need it. All data in web trading is available in real time.

Your clients can submit a new investment request at any time.

Stay in touch with your investors. If your clients want to change their investments, they can request it from any supported device.

With Web Trade, your fund remains as transparent as possible, while you do not have to spend resources on endless reports. The platform can help you increase investor loyalty, strengthen your client base and save time on unprofitable tasks.