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CrypTo Exchange


Any company or individual business that wants to operate on a large scale or globally should be open to new ideas. Technology that does not work in the same way on any other exchange.

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Escoin’s dedicated crypto exchange is the ultimate solution for distinguishing companies/fields that sacrifice small beer for commercial freedom.

The essence of our value is our expertise, which allows us to create a system that meets all your digital asset business needs. We can advise you according to your needs and choose the type of functionality that fits your task.


If you have a clear idea of what you want your digital commerce business to look like, and you know exactly how to make it happen, you need more than a contractor to meet those requirements. You need specialists for a narrow field.

From there, you have two options – you can hire an entire department for internal development of cryptocurrency exchanges or hand over the project to experienced developers. We will try to break down both options and let you draw your conclusions.

Transform your company

During the development and deployment of the solution, we collected a large number of use cases. It is likely that our team has already implemented your situation, and if not, all the better, because we enjoy solving difficult problems and excel at it.

Trade Business Diversification

You want to add cryptocurrency trading to your business and diversify into a full-fledged exchange.

Expansion of the cryptocurrency industry

You want to turn your cryptocurrency exchange into a crypto exchange using a matching engine.

technological Empowerment

Using public APIs, you need another platform that you can use with an existing exchange to support trading.



The Crypto Trading Platform is an ultra-flexible and versatile solution for trading companies looking to get started with cryptocurrencies or expand their business. We offer a combination of two premium products backed by software development and significant investments to organize your trading processes exactly the way you want.

From day one you have access to high quality liquidity.

15 external connectors and built-in market creation algorithms that you can use for cryptocurrency spot exchanges.

Powerful search engine

Allowing customers to create internal liquidity and act as both price buyers and bidders.

Powerful matching engine

Create and use customizable trading tools and interfaces to integrate our solution with your software.

Filter to detect confidential bids

Protection against invalid bids and improved transaction processing.

Unlimited possibilities for swap and trade.

Add as many more crypto and fiat instruments as you like

Web and mobile platforms

Native mobile apps and web client with comprehensive functionality