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Trader offers you all popular instruments, from cryptocurrencies and investments to digitized assets intended for both spot and margin trading.

Our goal as a trading platform provider is to make it as easy as possible for you to enter the complex market of financial instruments.

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Many Solutions on One Platform

Trader is your key between trading platforms. Each instrument has been designed and refined by a developer who understands the demands of the market in terms of customer demand, performance and security.

When developing a Trader trading platform, we tried to take into account all possible needs of both business owners and clients. With our platform solution, you can perform both collateralized transactions and spot foreign exchange transactions without any restrictions. With this product, you can forget about constantly buying additional solutions to meet their new needs. Imagine the ideal technical environment for your business – with Trader you are closer than ever.

Basic Components of Trader

What is “under the bonnet” of Trader is our pride and joy. That’s why, as a trading platform provider, we can not resist the urge to tell you a little more about the features that have been developed with one goal in mind: It’s profitable to keep your business growing.






The establishment of a commercial enterprise from scratch

If you want to start at the bottom and compare trading platforms, look for a low-cost, turnkey trading platform that can cover most segments of digital trading, traders as a strong cross-transactional. -Asset Trading Platform.

With more business development, you do not have to buy expensive third-party plugins for the platform and think about how to seamlessly implement their integration. Trader already includes all the tools that a modern and fast-growing trading business model may require:

Access to real

exchange operations

Trader has all the features you need to build a comprehensive multi-asset exchange. With our product, you get components for an engine that can perform transactions of all types and complexity with both traditional and crypto assets:

Custom account type - Cash account type - designed for exchange and crypto transactions.

Advanced order types with the ability to customise volume units, stop levels, slips, etc. for the most demanding clients.

Use of service tokens to pay reduced transaction fees.