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This is done for EscoinToken (ELG). This is for the BEP20 (BSC network) replacement of the ERC20 (Ethereum network) contract that Fincras started operating in 2018 but created in 2020.

How can I swap from ERC20 to BEP20?

1. Open an account on the Toobit exchange and copy the wallet number from that exchange.

Click on the “Deposit” button,

Select “ELG” from the drop-down menu

After selecting “ELG”, select the BSC network in the “Transfer network” field, then copy the wallet number from the drop-down field and go back on the page and paste it into the corresponding field.

2. If you want to send it to another wallet address, we have provided a step-by-step example below. You can do these steps in any wallet application you use.

The example is below – Trust Wallet;

a. Click on the marked field “Add Tokens”

b. Add a new token from the field marked with a circle.

c. Select the “BNB Smart Chain” network in the window that opens.

d. After selecting the BSC network, i.e. BNB Smart Chain network, fill in the fields below by copying this information. When the Contract Address is filled in, other information will come automatically.

Contract Address: 0x755341c49f4427e43d99d8254a8dD87056f1Ee00
Name:  EscoinToken
Symbol: ELG
Decimals: 18

After filling in the information correctly, click on the “Save” button.

e. From this screen, check whether there is BEP20 in the upper left corner. Then press the “Receive” button and copy the jünzan number on the screen that will appear.

* Make sure that the wallet number you send with the Swap form tool is BSC Binance Smart Chain (BEP20) network! Make sure that the wallet number belongs to you and is correct! Otherwise your cryptocurrency may be lost! In this case, Fincras Invcras Digital Service Company is not responsible and declares that it is not liable for any damages caused by the loss.

* Make sure that you send the EscoinToken (ELG) on the ERC20 network that the customer will send for the swap to the correct wallet! If the ELG does not reach the company wallet number, Fincras Invcras Digital Service company will not accept responsibility and will not execute the swap.