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Exciting Announcement: Escoin (ELG) Will Burns 50 Million Tokens!

We’re thrilled to share an exciting development for Escoin (ELG) investors! On April 5th, Friday, at 10 a.m., a monumental token burn event will take place, marking a significant milestone in boosting confidence in ELG and aiming for a higher valuation. This thrilling news represents a massive step forward, achieved through the collaboration of our major investors and company.

Strong Alliance of Major Investors and Our Company

The most robust supporters of the Escoin (ELG) ecosystem, our major investors and company, are joining forces to execute the burn of 50 million ELG tokens. This move plays a crucial role in showcasing their faith in ELG’s future and their commitment to its success.

Our Investors Decided to Burn 20%!

In the process of convincing our major investors, they have agreed to burn 20% of ELG tokens, demonstrating their confidence in ELG’s promising future. With the support of these significant investors, ELG’s future is set to shine even brighter.

Investor Wallet Address Wallet Asset ELG Amount of BurningStatus
0x59F8ca00ae475d43EFe00C82FA420a45DD53a3cA 23,316,968.29 4,663,393.66 Approved
0x327f694F084b90DbCf42F5a242F8EbBaE88288f8 4,327,663.78 865,532.76 Approved
0xBAa49b9Eb3fe5C622Fd614C82001E18Fe4244281 3,180,104.95 636,020.99 Approved
0xcd2a753f5607977FBc0e458AD32E917a791396bf 2,940,280 588,056.00 Approved
0x56eCdD8581AeC63e30988007cA7d0e8844a1E39f 2,820,310.20 564,062.04 Approved
0xA42Dc5d445D68fBb5897c8d4aBB9C49A2F7957F5 2,250,000 450,000.00 Approved
0x1Cad22cf2d428c31d81ba8f1F163999F84D36A8c 1,984,746.18 396,949.24 Approved
0xD052e22027FD0137ed1347e5985E48Fd215f552F 1,843,131.11 55%,626.22 Approved
0x850491112B969B12fe7B524D2Fb75e8D12aC3606 1,536,035.47 307,207.09 Approved
0x581501aa9516D27968eF86bA25975eBBb7A78079 1,450,000 290,000.00 Approved

Massive 31.45% Burn by Our Company

As a staunch supporter of the Escoin (ELG) ecosystem, our company has decided to burn 31.45% of the 50 million ELG tokens. This bold move aims to enhance ELG’s value and strengthen investor confidence. This burn event will mark a significant milestone for Escoin (ELG) and bolster its future success.

Investor Wallet Address Wallet Asset ELG Amount of Burning Status
0x772E188d18eca532459641b8B9BEFd7a67E76FCF 129,941,143.02 40,870,152.01 Approved

Excitement Among ELG Investors

With this massive token burn event, we’re bringing great excitement to Escoin (ELG) investors. This event is a significant step forward in enhancing ELG’s value and strengthening investor confidence. The future looks bright for ELG, and this burn event will further solidify its path to success.

Time to Invest in ELG!

Escoin (ELG) is becoming stronger with this substantial burn event, offering investors an excellent opportunity. With the support of our major investors and company, ELG’s value will continue to rise. In this exciting period filled with developments, there’s no better time to invest in ELG. Start investing in the future of cryptocurrency today and join this thrilling journey!

We extend our gratitude to Escoin (ELG) investors and supporters. Let’s continue working together to shape the future!

Escoin (ELG) – Seize the Future Now!